Diode laser hair removal (4)

Diode laser hair removal machine employs the principle of selective photothermolysis technology. The 808nm diode laser wavelength is the gold standard for epilation. The laser directly targeted at the melanin in the hair follicle but won't be consumed by the water, melanin, and hemoglobin in the skin.

Diode Laser utilizes a concentrated beam of light (laser) to deal with unwanted hair.

With light, selective absorption, the laser has two functionality on the target and surrounding regions. The warmth and energy work on the follicle, destroying the regions where create the hair. The surrounding tissue won't be harmed.

We need many treatments for laser hair removal since hair growth has a cycle. The hair originates from the follicle will reduce its course feel after every treatment. Meanwhile, hair growth rate gets slower.

Diode laser hair removal results
The diode laser therapy results are permanent. The hair won't grow.

Diode laser hair removal Applications:
Permanent hair removal (skin kind I-VI)
Whole body hair removal
Skin rejuvenation

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