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3 in 1  IPL SHR machine Tattoo Removal Machine Nd Yag Laser

3 in 1 IPL SHR machine Tattoo Removal Machine Nd Yag Laser Item NO.: 10000107095404

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Product Name 3 in 1 IPL SHR machine Tattoo Removal Machine Nd Yag Laser
Item NO. 10000107095404
Weight 115 kg = 253.5316 lb = 4056.5056 oz
Category IPL SHR hair removal
Creation Time 2020-05-17

3 in 1 OPT IPL Elight SHR Hair Removal Tattoo Removal Machine Nd Yag Laser

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If you are interested in our products, but your country is not shipping, please contact us. Because the calculation of international logistics freight is tedious, the freight, customs clearance and tax rate in each country are different, so we can't set each country one by one, thank you very much for your understanding!

Instructions for placing orders

This machine can provide different socket types and standard voltage. Please note the type you need when you place the order. In addition, our machine can provide special customized services, such as changing system language, adding logo, different color chassis, adding replaceable handle, etc. for details, please consult the seller, thank you for coming!

Order without worry

We have been operating factories and physical stores in China for more than 8 years. We can ensure that every machine sold from us has the best quality, cost performance and after-sales service

Product description

Working Systems

A: OPT SHR system: adopts the most advanced OPT (optimal pulse technology) system for fast hair removal. B: Elight (IPL) for hair removal, freckles removal, vascular and acne therapy, etc. There are 6 filters with different wavelength for different treating items. C: Bipolar RE(20/28/35mm 3 treatment heads) for wrinkles removal, face lifting, skin tightening, etc. D: Nd: Yag Laser for all kinds and colors tattoo removal, birthmark removal, eyebrow line/ eye line/ lip line, pigments removal. There are 3 probes with different wavelength (1064nm,532nm,1320nm)for treating different items.

3 Laser Probes

532nm probe: the green one, output green light to remove the colorful/ brown tattoos, birthmark, etc. 1064nm probe: the yellow one, output white light to remove the black/ cyan tattoos, etc. 1320nm Carbon treatment head : the black one, for skin rejuvenation,skin lift ,skin whitening, shrink pores and blackheads removal,etc.

Wavelength Treatment Item 430nm~1200nm anti-inflammatory, sterilization, whelk treatment 530nm~1200nm Pigments removal,freckle removal 640nm/690nm~1200nm SHR,fast hair removal


1. SHR: Permanent and fast hair removal,completely painless 2. All kinds of spots removal, freckle removal 3. Acne therapy 4. Vascular therapy 5. Skin whitening, skin tightening, skin lift, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal. 6. All colors tattoo removal, eyebrow line/ eye line/ lip line pigments removal.


1. Multi-purpose, complementary function, widely used, wonderful therapeutic effect 2.8.0 inch large color touch LCD screen, user-friendly menu, simple operation 3. The shell is made of ABS environment-friendly material and beautiful design. 4. The cooling temperature is -3 ~ 2 °C, making the treatment more comfortable and safe Army. Automatic water level detection and water volume greatly improve the service life and safety of the machine. 6. Long continuous working time, stable function and long processing cycle. 7. multilingual, easy to master all over the world. 8. It has two operation modes, which are convenient for new users and professional mode.

Technical Specifications

Name:Portable One Handle OPT Voltage: 110V-130V/60HZ, 220V-240V/50HZ Screen: 8 inches LCD digital touch screen Machine Size: 59*42*45cm N.W: 12.5KG Energy Density:IPL:10-50J/cm2 Shots:100000 Discharge Interval:1s, 2s, 3s, 4s (variable) Probe TEMP: -3°C~2°C Wavelength Standard: 640nm/530nm/480nm Power:1200W

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