IPL SHR hair removal (Permanent)

When compared to conventional IPL and laser baldness treatments, SHR is quicker, simpler and also virtually pain free. SHR is acceptable for most skin types and hair colors.

IPL combined with E-light Hair Removal

For blonde, red and light brown hair we have the ability to combine IPL using E-light technologies to deliver mass heating into the bulb of the hair. Although this therapy is effective on lighter hair types the hair needs to have some pigment to work and will require more treatments than the conventional IPL/SHR treatments.

AiPuTe is thrilled to Introduce Super Hair Removal Tech (SHR) Lasers -- a revolutionary new way of permanent hair removal that's virtually pain & side effect free. Compared to other slightly obsolete laser and IPL techniques, SHR provides quicker, safer and most of all pain free hair loss treatments for our customers.

We've studied the greatest credentials in skin, laser security and progress certification and eligibility in IPL, Laser and LED. The skin experts at AiPuTe have a joint 25years+ expertise in the skin business and iPL business, and can satisfy all of your IPL demands in a secure, expertise and highly affective method. Your security is our priority, we provide results in a secure and skilled way.

ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine

Many people have one or more tattoos which function as a reminder of another time that they have since outgrown. Fortunately, laser technology makes it feasible to eliminate body ink quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Tattoo removal machine employs ND YAG Q-switched laser technologies. It's the procedure of a particular sort of fast and strong pulse treatment. Nd YAG laser removes tattoo ink without damaging surrounding skin tissue.

Nd YAG Q-switched laser is the only procedure for removing the tattoo with no scar. There are 2 types of Q-switched lasers on the market. Single pole and Double rod. Double pole Nd YAG Q-switched laser energy is two times greater than a single pole.

Single pole Nd YAG Q-switched laser is 1000mj. Double pole laser tattoo removal is more effective. Single rod also functions but need more times therapy.

The laser tattoo removal system is double pole nd YAG laser. The laser tattoo removal process is effective and quick. Nd YAG laser tattoo removal require 1 to 3 times for tattoo removal treatment.

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